Wild West Trail Roadmap of Development

January 2018 – 

  • wildwesttrail.co goes live and is officially launched
  • Blog posts begin to be published
  • Proof of concept hiking description, GPX file, and Youtube video is published for Big Bend National Park
  • Cryptocurrency plugin is added to the online store allowing visitors to purchase GPX files of hiking trails
  • Monero miner is embedded into the website, users can now support the trail simply by visiting and spending time on the site
  • Amazon affiliate account is connected to the website, allowing visitors to support the trail with their own shopping habits
  • Social media campaign begins on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Lbry.io
  • First mass email is sent out

February 2018 –

  • Gear review video will be published, highlighting the Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL2. This is a proof of concept for future gear reviews and affiliate marketing
  • Social media campaign continues on a daily basis
  • Final gear purchases are made
  • Route finalization takes place, waypoints are added every 20 miles
  • A list of mountains and features on Google maps lacking photographs are mapped out to be completed during the hike

March 2018 – 

  • How-to video about food dehydration is published
  • Resupply points are mapped out
  • Physical training starts to focus cardio and weight gain
  • Social media outreach continues, affiliate websites and gear company tie-ins are a possibility

Bison in lamar valley, yellowstone national parkApril 2018 – 

  • Burstcoin mining pool is completed. The WWT creates a marketing campaign focused on teaching new miners how to join as well as the benefits of Burst
  • Burst becomes the official currency of the WWT, our marketing outreach begins to focus on growing the coin as well as the trail
  • The map is finalized
  • Physical training kicks into high gear
  • Backpacking the Gila Wilderness video is published

May 2018 –

  • Water caches are buried in the Owyhee Desert
  • Tentative date to start hiking, May 15. Snowpack in the Jarbidge wilderness will determine actual date

June-September 2018

  • Hike the WWT
  • 4k video is taken every day and content is collected, documenting the hike
  • GPS tracking is used to create the official WWT trail map, creating the most accurate description possible
  • Clues are laid on how to find buried treasure on the WWT. An undisclosed amount of Burstcoin will be able to be accessed with the proper pneumonic phrase and PIN. Hiking the WWT and discovering the clues will yield the “buried treasure”.

October 2018 – May 2019

  • Videos are produced on every section of the trail
  • Website is updated with accurate information, each section will be detailed enough to help everyone plan their own hike
  • Official GPX files will be put on the website for purchase
  • Marketing kicks into high gear focused on bringing awareness to the trail
  • Burstcoin mining increases and the WWT will be the first hiking trail built on top of a cryptocurrency protocol
  • Official documentary of the hike will be completed by March and showcased at SXSW

June 2018

  • QR codes are placed at specific nodes along the trail. Hikers will be able to check-in and prove their hike. 96% of all QR codes must be confirmed in order to claim a successful hike. This allows for a directed acyclic graph (DAG) inspired pattern of hiking, creating options for going around wildfires and blowdowns while still completing a thru-hike.
  • The Wild West Trail becomes the world’s first “smart hiking trail”. Burstcoin wallets can be used to keep track of hikers and offer monetary incentives for things like speed records.

Future Plans

  • Future revenue will support the following, among other things:
    • Caching water in the desert for hikers
    • Sponsoring trail cleanups and improvements
    • Creating trail stipends to help offset the costs for those in need
    • A fundraising platform so individuals can get their hikes sponsored directly (think Kickstarter or Indigogo, with no middleman)
    • An app that focuses all of our resources in one place, optimized for hiking the WWT
    • A mesh network

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