The Innawoods Pill

The Innawoods PIll

This book is written to encapsulate the mentality necessary for taking the plunge and moving off-grid. The hardest step in building a free life is leaving everything you know behind. Building your own house is the most direct path toward freedom, wealth, and happiness. The “innawoods pill”, internet slang for “in the woods”, is the idea of becoming as self-sufficient as you possibly can. Instead of relying on others for a life, you build your own. Manifest your dreams and cast off the shackles of modern day slavery.

The words written are a prescription for those who want to live on a homestead but need the final push to get there. Written for the dreamers who have the guts to put work and effort behind their ideals. I have put to words my own inner dialogue that got me to where I am today. If I can do it, you sure as hell can. I lay out the specific steps on how I was able to move to the woods; from making money, to buying land, and everything in between. Angry at times, funny at others, it’s a verbal kick in the ass. There is no softening of blows, only raw exposition on the reality of the world and why you need to build your own house.

Read it. Live it. Take the “innawoods pill”.