Sawtooth Mountains

Sawtooth Mountains | Idaho Centennial Trail

This article is a reading companion to Episode 4 in our Wild West Trail 2018 series. Sawtooth Mountains Backpacking At around the 2-week mark, we made it to the Sawtooth Mountains in Central Idaho. Named for their jagged peaks, which resemble the teeth of a saw, the Sawtooths are a mountain range located in the […]

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Ramen Hacks For Hiking

Instant Ramen Hacks – For Hiking!

How To Make Instant Ramen Better What Is Ramen? Quick cooking noodles made from wheat, they are a cheap and essential item for hikers the world over. Most notably packaged as “Maruchen Ramen” or “Top Ramen,” they are usually sold for around 25 cents a pack. Each pack contains 480 calories. That is around $1 […]

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Backpacking the Jarbidge Wilderness

Owyhee Desert | Idaho Centennial Trail

Jarbidge Mountains – Owyhee Desert Day 2. We take the lower elevation alternate route, on a century old pack trail, through the Jarbidge Wilderness into the Owyhee Desert. Notice the spectacular views; relatively few people have ever seen this. Words and videos won’t do this place justice. There’s something deeply spiritual about being out there, […]

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Natural remedies For Psoriasis

Hiking Away Your Psoriasis

How to Make Psoriasis Go Away Fast What is Psoriasis? A chronic autoimmune condition, Psoriasis will manifest itself as thick scaly patches on your skin. It’s genetic, not contagious, and unsightly – sometimes itchy. And that was it, or so I thought. I was first diagnosed with psoriasis in my late twenties. I had noticed […]

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