Right On Trek | Meal Review | An Honest Opinion On The Backpacking World’s Premier Dehydrated Meal Company

right on trek review

As the creator of a semi-successful outdoor brand, many below the radar companies reach out asking for a review. In nearly all situations, I ignore these requests because the brand does not reflect Wild West Trail and our internal desire to be the realest and rawest outdoor lifestyle brand on the planet. When Right On Trek reached out to me to write a review, I did some initial research and liked what I saw. Furthermore, communicating with their internal staff was easy and the people were polite and friendly. If you didn’t know, this is not always the case in the outdoor industry.

What stood out to me was their customization options. Compare their website (https://rightontrek.com/meals/) to any other dehydrated outdoor meal company and the attention to detail is obvious. Their unique “make-to-order” layout enables hikers to pick out their favorite ingredients and customize the available selections, a nice touch when you’re a picky eater. Personally, I will eat cold pop-tarts and ramen noodles for months on end but I get it – not everyone wants the WWT experience.

With an open mind I agreed to the food review.

Initial Reaction To The Backpacking Meal

First of all, the packaging was on point. The shipping box featured the Right on Trek logo which actually made me excited to open it. I’m a sucker for a good marketing gimmick. And when I opened the box, it was apparent this is not your average backcountry slop. The packaging was eco-friendly and actually made the food look good to eat. The meals come with hot sauce, and the chicken coconut curry even came with a package of cashews and peanut butter to add. Peanut butter?? Hell yeah, that’s the details I want to see in my meals.

The inside of the food package features waxed paper – which, if you don’t know – allows for cooking inside the bag, preventing dirty dishes. That’s right, simply pour the hot water inside and let it sit and stew. cold soak it over the last few hours of the day and have dinner ready at camp!

Cooking The Dehydrated Backpacking Meal

Boil some water. Yup, that’s it.

backpacking meal

Once the water boiled, pouring the food was easy enough. There is one of those packets of inedible dehydrated stuff – which came as a surprise, so don’t eat that. Also, the chicken was packaged separately and needed to be added to the rice and spices. I chose to wait until the rice was soft before adding the peanut butter and cashews but I don’t see why a person couldn’t add them in the beginning.

I chose to cook it in a pot – since I was at home cutting logs for the winter. The ease of the meal helped me immensely because winter is coming and I have 6 cords of firewood to chop and store in the woodshed.

Final Thoughts On Right On Trek

The food itself tasted pretty good. The curry flavor is not as strong as is found in an Indian restaurant but hey, it’s pretty good after chopping wood all day. The serving size is also sufficient – something I’m always wary of. There’s nothing worse than eating a dinner that won’t sustain you after a hard day in the outdoors. It’s a one-pot wonder and I thoroughly enjoyed crushing up the cashews and throwing everything, including the peanut butter, into the cooking pot. I know some of you have a more delicate palate but I think Right on Trek tastes better when all the food is in one place.

If you want to try it for yourself, use my affiliate link here, https://rightontrek.com/meals/?affiliateCode=WildWestTrail