Prince Albert Hot Spring, Idaho

Prince Albert hot Spring, Idaho

Located in the Bennett Mountain Hills – a mountain range that runs west to east. Prince Albert Hot Spring offers a hard to reach soaking spot with incredible views of the Snake River Valley. High above the small town of Glenns Ferry, this destination is perfect for people looking to get off the busy highway. The hot spring even has a small fire ring and would make an ideal spot to cowboy camp.

Getting To Prince Albert Hot Spring, Idaho

Not close to any discernable town the spring is remote but relatively easy to reach. That being said, if there is snow on the ground, we wouldn’t recommend making the drive. Most of the driving is located on pavement and only the last quarter of a mile is dirt. Be warned, the final ascent to the hot spring is steep and cautious drivers might think twice before driving up hill.

Any Vehicle Can Make The Drive

*Note: If the ground is wet, do not attempt to drive to the hot spring. Your tires will dig holes into the hill side, making it even harder for the next person to access the spring.

Review Of The Hot Springs

The best pool is the one at the top of the hill, closest to a rocky fire ring. This pool is made up of stones and cement, damming up the small hot spring and providing a large soaking area. This spring can easily fit 5 people comfortably and from the garbage we found, it looks like a popular party location. There are two PVC pipes which provides filtration on the top of the water column as well as an option to completely drain the pool.

The water temperature is hot but within a couple minutes, it feels just right. The huge views of the valley floor below and adjoining wind farm are some of the best in the state. Be aware of insect hatches! The dry hillsides offer little water and insects will succumb in the hot spring pool, quickly filling it with carcasses.

Complete Idaho Hot Springs Map

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