Must Have Gear to Get You Started Euro-Style Nymphing 

Euro-style nymphing is a fly fishing technique that is increasingly popular among anglers, and is becoming even more popular by the day. This type of fishing involves using a very light tippet and a weighted fly, and can be done with either a spinning rod or a fly rod. Some benefits of Euro-style nymphing include being able to fish deeper water, cover more water, and fish smaller flies. Euro-style nymphing is also a great way to catch some super finicky fish. 

Must Have Gear to Get You Started Euro-Style Nymphing 

If you’re pretty new to the fishing arena you may wonder to yourself “….what’s a nymph?” 

What’s A Nymph? 

A nymph is an aquatic insect that is in the larval stage of its life cycle. Nymphs are often found near the bottom of streams and rivers, where they live and feed on aquatic plants and animals. Nymphs typically hatch from eggs that have been laid by adult insects, such as mayflies, caddisflies, and stoneflies. When nymphs hatch, they look like miniature versions of their adult counterparts. As nymphs mature, they undergo a process called metamorphosis, in which they transform into adults. 

Nymphs are an important food source for fish, which is why they are often used as bait by anglers. Euro-style nymphing relies heavily on using nymphs as bait, as this type of fishing is often done in deep water where fish are less likely to be feeding on the surface. 

If you’re interested in trying Euro-style nymphing, there is some essential gear that you’ll need to get started. 

Euro-Style Nymphing Gear to Get You Started 

If you are a greenhorn to the Euro-nymphing game, the amount of gear to consider purchasing can be overwhelming at first. While you could fork up a ton of cash to get all the latest and greatest gadgets, we recommend starting small with these five essentials to get a feel for this unique style of fishing.

1. Euro Nymph Rod 

If you’re going to be Euro-style nymphing, you’re going to need a Euro nymph rod. Euro nymph rods are designed specifically for this type of fishing, and they are usually longer and softer than traditional fly rods. They are also designed to have a softer tip, which is important for detecting strikes from smaller fish. Euro nymph rods are typically between 

9 and 12 feet long, and they have a soft action that is perfect for casting light tippets and weighted flies. 

Some of the best Euro-style nymphing rods on the market include the Sage X, the MAVRK Dual 3wt Nymphing Rod, and the G. Loomis Asquith. These rods are great choices for Euro-style nymphing, as they are designed to be lightweight and have fast action. 

2. Euro Nymph Reel 

Besides a Euro nymph rod, you’re also going to need a Euro nymph reel. Euro nymph reels are designed specifically for use with Euro nymph rods, and they typically have a large arbor and a smooth drag system. Euro nymph reels hold a lot of line, as Euro-style nymphing is often done in deep water. 

Euro-style nymphing reels commonly used include the Nautilus NV, the Orvis Hydros SL, and the Hardy Ultralite CA DD. 

3. Euro Nymph Line 

The third piece of essential Euro-style nymphing gear is Euro nymph line. Euro nymph line is designed specifically for use with Euro nymph rods and reels, and it typically has a heavier weight than traditional fly fishing lines. Euro nymph lines are usually between 

3 and 5wt, and they have a higher density that helps them sink faster. Euro nymph lines are also usually darker, which helps to camouflage them in the water. 

The best Euro-style nymphing lines available are the Airflo Super-DRI Euro Nymph, the Scientific Anglers Euro Nymph, and the Rio InTouch Euro Nymph. 

4. Tippet 

A tippet is the line that connects your fly to your rod, and it’s an important part of Euro-style nymphing because it needs to be very light and strong. Tippet is typically made from fluorocarbon or monofilament, and it ranges in size from 2x to 6x. The size of tippet you use will depend on the size of fish you’re targeting, as well as the size of flies you’re using.

Popular and favorite Euro-style nymphing tippets include the Airflo Super-DRI Euro Nymph Tippet, the Scientific Anglers Euro Nymph Tippet, and the Rio InTouch Euro Nymph Tippet. 

5. Bait 

Angler-favorited Euro-style nymphs include the Hare’s Ear Nymph, the Pheasant Tail Nymph, and the Copper John Nymph. These flies are all great choices for Euro-style nymphing, as they sink quickly and imitate various types of aquatic insects. 

A Euro-Style Nymphing Purchase to Make Once You (Inevitably) Get Obsessed 

By now, you’re either really into Euro-nymphing or you’re ready to level up your fly fishing game by getting your technique on lock around this unique style of fishing. If you’re in the former category, congratulations—you’ve been bitten by the Euro-nymphing bug and there’s no turning back. This style of fly fishing is addicting, challenging, and—when done right—extremely rewarding. Now that you’re hooked, we’ve got a Euro-style gear item that you have to add to your Euro-nymphing arsenal so you can chase fish all over the country. 

Riversmith Euro River Quiver (11’4″) 

Riversmith is a fly rod roof rack manufacturer based out of Boulder, Colorado who makes top notch fly rod carriers seen atop outdoor vehicles all over the United States. To our delight, they just released a Euro nymphing rod carrier that is 11’4″, long enough to accommodate any Euro fly rod and reel outfit it comes across. Its versatile mounting system, aerodynamic and sleek design, and its technological superiority make it a must-have for safely transporting your Euro rod to and from every destination you cast. 

Now You’re Rigged and Ready- Start Euro Nymph Fly Fishing Today! 

Euro-style nymphing is a great way to get better at fly fishing, and it’s a lot of fun too. If you have the proper equipment, you’ll be able to Euro nymph like a pro in no time. Once you’ve got all your gear in possession, there’s no more need to wait; get out there and start Euro nymphing today!