Wild West Trail Marketing

Specializing in Paid Media Management.

  • Google Ads (YouTube)
  • Facebook Ads (Instagram)
  • Microsoft Advertising (Bing, Yahoo, LinkedIn)
  • Quora, Twitter, TikTok, and all social media sites

Other services include website design, web hosting, and website tagging.

About Me

7+ years of marketing experience. I have worked in agencies across the United States including Austin, TX and Boise, ID. My experience with marketing began in the NYC media market when I studied Geography at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. My initial marketing efforts focused on event planning. Since then, my clients have included HVAC companies, plumbing businesses, cosmetics, eCommerce, museums, professional musicians, wedding planners, and more. I work with businesses throughout the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand.

My main focus is paid media management – also known as Google Ads and Facebook Ads. As it stands currently, these two companies control 99% of all internet traffic and I am an expert at managing ad spend and targeting the most profitable demographics as measured by sales and/or lead generation for my clients. I form partnerships with businesses, not the companies on which advertisements run. Just because Google and Facebook are the major players today, does not mean they will be tomorrow. I am constantly looking for new outlets to grow my partners.

Other services I provide include web design, web hosting, and tagging as required for Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and all data layers.

Transparency is the most important aspect of my business and I do not believe in the obscuration of data. My clients get the most honest reporting available as well as an advocate in their corner. Much of my responsibilities include navigating the bureaucracy of large tech companies and ensuring my client’s ads serve their desired demographics.

I live in Kasilof, AK where I am building out my home and headquarters.

– Joel Salvino

Paid Media Management Pricing

Total Advertising Budget < $2,000

Management fees: $300

This is a great option for businesses with a small userbase or are just getting started with digital advertising. Starting small is a great way to begin measuring the effects of marketing and to build a foundation for growing your online presence

Total Advertising Budget $2,000-$3,400

Management fees: $500

This option is ideal for medium sized businesses and those looking to take market share from competitors. At this price range, I recommend using both Google and Facebook to begin taking market share of your respective demographics.

Total Advertising Budget >$3,400

Management Fees $500 + 15% of ad spend

Advertising budgets of this size reflect a mature business and one where marketing is now an integral part of the business strategy. At this point, monthly strategies are necessary to keep the brand growing.

Interested In Other Services Or Scheduling A Meeting?

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