Getting to Jarbidge Nevada

The town of Jarbidge is one of the friendliest trail towns in America. It also holds the distinction of being the most isolated community in the lower 48. Getting to the Wild West Trailhead is not difficult, there is a road, and the town is only 88 miles from Twin Falls, Id.

Closest Airport

Magic Valley Regional Airport. Located in Twin Falls.

Taxi Company

Magic Valley Cab is friendly and reliable. They are aware of the Idaho Centennial Trail and offer the most popular cab service to the trailhead. The estimated cost is around $176.

From Elko

If you are driving from the south, the route should take just over 3 hours. This is unpaved road and it will be slow going. Also, be aware that the road is frequently closed due to snow in the winter, spring, and even fall.

Make sure to check that the route is possible before embarking.

  • Total mileage: 104 miles
  • 225N for 55.3 miles
  • Turn onto Eco 746 Rd, following it East 
  • At Charleston Reservoir, turn north, following the road, now called Jarbidge Charleston County Rd. 
  • Follow the Fork to the Right, staying on NF-062, passing through Charleston. Stay on the road for 21 more miles until you reach Jarbidge. 

Jarbidge Section Map

[sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/Long Jarbidge GPX file.gpx”]

Jarbidge History


Originally settled on Federal Land, the town of Jarbidge is still fighting the federal government for land rights. A gold strike in 1909 brought in the original miners and the town was built. Peaking at around 1,200 people, the town now boasts only a handful of permanent residents.

The Jarbidge river flows permanently through the town and the endangered bull trout calls the waters home. Green and vibrant, when it’s not covered in snow, many would be surprised at the amount of water found in this remote corner of Nevada. This region also boasts pristine air quality and some of the cleanest water in the world.


Wild West Trail Notes


The hike begins south of town. The forest service has built nice campsites with firepits and a pit toilet. Follow the main road through town to the power station, just north of town. There is a 4×4 road behind it, follow this into the foothills, you are now in the backcountry.

This is one of the least visited wilderness areas in America. Trail maintenance does not exist in some places. There is a section of trail that is completely overgrown.