Indian Hot Springs, Idaho

Indian hot springs, Idaho

Located in the Jarbidge-Bruneau Canyon Wilderness, Indian Hot Springs offers a remote and beautiful soak. The proximity to the Bruneau River allows for cold water to be added to the hot springs. It also features plenty of red-band trout fishing.

Getting To Indian Hot Springs, Idaho

Getting the springs means driving a long way on dirt roads. Pack plenty of food, water, and potentially gasoline for the trip. It’s located closer to the border of Nevada than any town in Idaho.

High Clearance Vehicle Recommended

*Note: DO NOT enter the hot springs from the west, only take the road that passes from the east. There is a new bridge that crosses the river here. The other route is nearly impossible for vehicles to survive.

Review Of The Hot Springs

The water is too hot to properly soak in the natural pool. However, there are two bathtubs in the area that can be filled with hot water using old irrigation hoses. We suggest bringing a bucket to fill with river water and mixing the hot water to your desired temperature.

The spring water doesn’t smell bad and it’s not too crowded of a spot. There were two groups of people when we visited but each gave each other space and it was easy to have privacy.

Complete Idaho Hot Springs Map

Find your next hot spring adventure and explore the Wild West Trail Hot Spring Map!

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