Idaho Hot Springs Map

Below is a compilation of wild and free hot springs in the beautiful state of Idaho. We have organized Idaho into 4 regions to make navigating the 100’s of hot springs easier.

Southwest Idaho: Encompassing the Boise area and the Owyhee desert west of Pocatello. The majority of these hot springs are in arid regions and are best visited in early spring (March-June) when water levels are highest.

Eastern Idaho: East of Challis and stretching into the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem makes up this section. Colder winters and less people make most of these hot springs an adventure

Central Idaho: The majority of hot springs in Idaho exist here. McCall, Stanley, the Sawtooth Mountains and the rugged interior are home to these hot springs. Most are only accessible after snow melt occurs.

Panhandle of Idaho: The region with little to no hot springs. If you know of any, let us know!

Southwest Idaho Hot Springs

Eastern Idaho Hot Springs

  • Durfee Hot Springs
  • Hot Well
  • Maple Grove Hot Springs
  • Brockman Hot springs
  • Bear Creek Hot Springs
  • Green Canyon Hot Springs
  • Pincock Hot Springs
  • Lidy Hot Springs

Central Idaho Hot Springs

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