Idaho Fishing

Rainbow Trout In Idaho
Rainbow Trout In Idaho

A state so huge, some refer to Idaho as a temperate Alaska. The Idaho fishing opportunities are vast and provide some of the country’s best rainbow trout experiences. The sheer volume of fish in the lakes, reservoirs, and rivers, provides a food source for flocks of bald eagles, golden eagles, pelicans, herons, and diving ducks. Of all the species of fish, rainbow trout promise the most opportunities throughout the state. 

Idaho Rainbow Trout

Aggressive, fun to catch, and plentiful, the Idaho rainbow trout is highly sought after and found in nearly every water body in the state. High alpine lakes, rivers, streams, and reservoirs all provide habitat for the rainbow trout. Fish and game aggressively stock most waterways but naturally reproducing wild populations are common throughout most of the state. With so many rainbow trout in Idaho, it makes them one of the most fun species to target and catch. 

My Three Favorite Fishing Lures For Rainbow Trout

Spin-fishing for rainbow trout in Idaho is one of my favorite pastimes. The aggressiveness of the species makes casting and reeling fun and rewarding. Over the years I’ve perfected my tackle box and below are my three favorite baits for fishing in Idaho.  

1. Casting Spoon

casting spoon

Throwing a casting spoon is unlike any other bait, you can cast it a mile and reach water that is inaccessible from the shore. In lieu of having a boat, a casting spoon is a perfect bait for exploring deep water. A jerk and reel retrieve generally yields the best results. I use this bait in rivers, lakes, and even streams with deep pools. Mimicking baitfish, the best time to throw this bait is in the late fall when water levels are at their lowest and rainbow trout are fattening up for the winter. 

2. Single Hook Inline Spinner

Single Hook Inline Spinner

Inline spinners are a favorite of trout fishermen but I prefer the single hook design compared to a treble hook. The baits are smaller and have better action in the water column. Furthermore, catching and releasing trout caught on a single hook is much easier and gentler on the fish. I prefer throwing this bait in the wintertime and mid-summer. Cast it into small streams and pools in the backcountry to catch rainbow trout feeding on insects. 

3. Suspended Crankbait 

Suspended Crankbait

An absolutely killer bait on larger bodies of waters such as big rivers, lakes, and reservoirs, the larger and more aggressive rainbow trout are drawn to this lure. Resembling a medium-sized baitfish, when trout are hungry, they will come to you. Throwing this lure in deep water brings the big rainbow trout to life. If the fish are not hitting a smooth cast and retrieve, try letting the bait sink and jerking it back instead. The random flashes of action will draw in even the most hesitant rainbow trout. 

Idaho Fishing For Rainbow Trout

The wilderness state lives up to its reputation. Finding rainbow trout in Idaho is worth the time necessary to find them. Next time you’re fishing in Idaho, try using some of my favorite lures to fill your bag limit. 

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  1. Enjoyed the article. Looking forward to getting into some Rainbows – like the one you’re holding. Your smile says it all!

  2. Thank you most help full. is there a pattern or color that is best for the south fork of the snake river?

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