Silicone Smoking Pipe


Silicone smoking pipe. Honeycomb design made from unbreakable and sustainable silicone. Each pipe is branded with the Wild West Trail logo and comes with a hidden storage container and a metal tool for scraping and packing. Featuring a glass bowl which is safe to smoke out of.

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Silicone smoking pipe.

We first field-tested our branded hand pipe on the Wild West Trail in the summer of 2018, and we have been using it ever since.

It’s made from sustainably sourced silicone, well worth every ounce of its carry weight, and has withstood everything we could throw at it. We created the Trailblazer smoking pipe with you in mind: bendable, portable, unbreakable.

Featuring a safe to smoke from glass bowl. The silicone is free from any chemicals and is heat resistant creating a safe and functional pipe. Every pipe is branded with our logo and features a hidden pocket on the backside of the bowl, perfect for storage. The pipe also includes a metal scraping and packing tool that won’t fall out of its specially designed insert. Honeycomb design with a bee on top, there is no better way to bee a nature freak than with the Trailblazer, our WWT-branded honeycomb hand pipe made from silicone.

Easy to clean. For tobacco only.



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