Idaho Centennial Trail GPX File


This file contains the most accurate map ever made of the Idaho Centennial Trail. At over 992.5 miles long, the ICT is America’s- and the world’s – premier temperate wilderness experience. Topographically extreme and geographically remote, hikers will go days without seeing another human. This trail is not recommended for beginners or anyone who values their life.



This hike should not be attempted by anyone. This is not a backpacking trail that can be compared to other National Scenic Routes. You will not experience well-groomed trails or signs, in many places, no trail exists. The Idaho Centennial Trail is a wilderness experience, not a backpacking trip.


The GPX file was recorded in real time, tracking every step taken on a daily basis. Trail maintenance is few and far between, making finding a clear path extremely difficult. This GPX file should be used as a guideline, if you find a better trail, take it. Use this file to prevent yourself from getting lost, do not follow it blindly. Many parts of the trail require serious bushwacking.

Alternate Routes

You will see various alternate routes on the map. Do not fool yourself into believing an alternate is easier than the original trail. Their purpose is to provide options for hikers and are just as much a part of the ICT as the main route. No alternatives will lead to a town or offer anything less than a wilderness experience. Every possibility includes bushwacking, water crossings, snow, and dangers too numerous to list.

  • Every half-mile is marked with its corresponding mileage.
  • Pit-toilets. Give-a-shit and use them whenever possible
  • Good campsites
Jarbidge Trailhead

Originally, the Idaho Centennial Trail began at the Nevada-Idaho border. Finding transportation to the middle of nowhere is hard. Beginning the hike in Jarbidge makes logistical sense and provides a friendly trail town as a launching pad. It also includes the beautiful Jarbidge wilderness and begins with a traverse of the mountain range.

Wild and Untamed

When in doubt, keep pushing forward, you will find the trail again – eventually. Choose your path wisely.



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