DIY Guide To Planning Your Motorcycle Trip to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

The Dalton Highway (Haul Road) is the furthest northern highway in the world and is a mecca for all adventurers who love two wheels underneath their crotch. Taking your motorcycle to Prudhoe Bay is a must-do bucket list item for most motorcycle lovers and the good news is that you can plan the whole trip yourself. I’ve shared with you the itinerary that I used for my trip to Deadhorse (Prudhoe Bay) in the summer of 2023. Included are campsites and even a rental company if you need a bike, 

Motorcycle trip to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

Renting Motorcycles in Alaska

If you’re one of the unfortunate souls who hasn’t made the leap to calling Alaska home, don’t worry, you can rent a motorcycle in Anchorage. The company I am most familiar with is MotoQuest. They are professional and have a large collection of Adventure BMWs to choose from. They do charge an extra fee if you’re going to Prudhoe Bay but the bikes are in excellent condition and you can rest assured your machine will make it there and back. 

Dalton Highway Road Conditions

Long fabled as the roughest road in the world, the Dalton Highway was built to support the oil industry located on the North Slope. If you didn’t know, this is the largest petroleum reserve in North America and her extraction is vital to the success of the American people.Between 1974-1977, the Alyeska Pipeline was built from Deadhorse, AK to Valdez, AK. Cutting across the remote interior of Alaska and the awe-inspiring Brooks Range, this is truly a man-made wonder of the world. The Dalton Highway parallels the pipeline and is kept open 12 months of the year to support the oil operations. 

As of 2023, the road is in relatively good condition. Pavement exists in the harshest areas and the constant vigilance of maintenance keeps the dirt sections relatively tame to drive on. There is heavy truck traffic but the drivers are ready for the motorcycle traffic and are, dare I say, gentlemen to us two-wheeled maniacs. As long as you are an experienced driver, you will be able to handle the road. The beefy suspension found on adventure bikes will help absorb the frost heaves and potholes which exist in such numbers that it is impossible to dodge them all. 

Anchorage to Prudhoe Bay Day-By-Day Itinerary 

I did this trip in 7 days, driving faster and further on the return trip and taking 4 days to get to Prudhoe Bay from Anchorage. But with this itinerary, you will be able to plan your own adventure and take as few, or as many days as you want to. 

Night 1: Denali National Park

A beautiful half-day river north of Anchorage, this national park is worth the stop, especially if the weather is good. Only 30% of tourists ever get to see the mountain Denali. You will need reservations if you want to camp inside the National Park. Follow this link to reserve a Denali Campsite

There is also a state park close by, free BLM land, and hotels, depending on the level of comfort and budget you are looking for. 

Night 2: Five Mile campground

As its name implies, this campground is 5 miles north of the Yukon River. There is a large sign on the highway and it’s absolutely massive in size. The BLM must have clear cut a couple acres for people to camp on and you will find a campsite. Also, there’s no fees for using the facilities which include a pit toilet and well water. 

Night 3: Lake Galbraith campground

Another BLM campground located on the northern edge of the Brooks Range. This will most likely be your first encounter with the legendary mosquitoes of the arctic. Haha, enjoy that. 

There is a pit toilet and campsites spread out. There is no fee station for this location. 

Night 4: Deadhorse, AK

Find yourself a hotel for a night in Deadhorse. There are  no campgrounds and the mosquitoes are oppressive enough to make even the stingiest traveler open his wallet. If you want to sqim in the arctic, you will need to book a tour. Deadhorse Camp is the tour operator in the area and they provide a good tour and towels for your arctic dip. 

Night 5: Night 3: Marion Creek campground

Located just north of Coldfoot, AK, this campground is nestled in the heart of the Brooks Range. There is a fee for camping here and you get a pit toilet, a fire ring, and some spots even have a platform for a tent.

Night 6: Healy Alaska, State of Alaska Land 

The town is surrounded by public land and there are a number of camping spots hidden from view. We followed Otto Lake Rd and made the first left turn onto a dirt road. This land is actually owned by the State of Alaska (other blogs claim it’s BLM). But you can camp on state land. In fact, if you follow any dirt road in Healy, you will probably find yourself on state land. Unless there is a sign saying otherwise, you can camp.