Getting To Deadwood Hot Springs

Deadwood Hot SpringsClose to Deadwood Reservoir is a little known hot spring. Located 3.5 miles from the nearest road, these hot springs are isolated enough to be safe from large crowds. Even more impressive are the multiple pools that have been reinforced with concrete. Hoses run hot water into deep pools that allow for customized soaking.

Where To Park

Click Here For Google Map Directions. There is a small parking area located just beneath the Deadwood Reservoir dam. From there, it’s a 3.56-mile hike upstream to the hot springs. The drive to the trailhead is along dirt roads. We recommend using a high clearance vehicle. It can be done in a 2-wheel drive car or sedan but the amount of time spent driving will be elongated.

Trail Conditions

The first 1.5 miles of the hike is along the Deadwood River and is downhill. Trail maintenance makes this section nice hiking. Turning north onto the Warm Springs Creek Trail leaves the river behind and there is a slight incline. As the hike goes further north, the trail maintenance becomes less and less. In the last half a mile, the trail nearly disappears. There is a small warm spring just before the actual hot springs that floods the hiking path.

Enjoying The Hot Springs


Deadwood hot springs

The hot springs are located on the eastern edge of a small bluff. This large rocky outcropping is the source of hot water. The hot spring starts near the top of the rocks and pours into the creek below. Hoses left from previous visitors make it easy to divert water into two pools that are reinforced by concrete. There is another pool in the creek that can also be turned into a warm spring, mixing hot water with cold.

The pools each have a PVC pipe equipped with a removable cap. This allows people to flood/drain the pools to their liking. There will be algae in the pools, especially after not being used for a few days. It is recommended to bring a shovel to clean them out before filling.

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