Expect and Prepare

Areas of the hike pass through Grizzly Bear Territory, take all necessary precautions. 

Sections of the hike include road walking. 

Lack of maintenance is common on most the trails in this section. 

Hike Big Sky Country 


Making a straight line from the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex to Yellowstone, the Big Sky trail section draws inspiration from the Continental Divide Trail “Big Sky Variation“.  This section of the hike promises rural scenes from the Montana frontier.

The trail climbs into the Tobacco Root Mountains and provides excellent views of the remote montana backcountry. Receiving few visitors, this section of the trail stays true to the wilderness intentions of the WWT.

The trail then climbs into the Spanish peaks, on the edge of the Yellowstone ecosystem. Beautiful mountain views and seldom traveled backpacking routes make this a truly special part of the hike. The Gallatin Petrified Forest is also on the trail and provides one of the most unique features of the hike.

Partly through grizzly bear habitat, this section of the hike maintains the remoteness of the WWT. The towns of Butte and Big Sky are both feasible hitches and possibilities for resupply.


Big Sky Country History


This part of Montana was settled mostly by ranchers and the legacy of ranching lives on. Large pastures and grazing land breaks up the remote mountain ranges. This area of the state is home to wealthy individuals and Big Sky is famous for its mansions and gorgeous mountains views.


As the trail nears Yellowstone National Park, camping stays free inside wilderness areas and National Forests.