Reviewing the Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL 2

Gear Specs


Trail Weight:

1lb 15oz / 879g

*Big Agnes does not include the stakes, guy-wire, and stuff sacks in trail weight.

Packed Weight:

2lb 5oz / 1.05kg

Fast Fly Weight:

1lb 7oz / .65kg

*There is the ability to set up the tent without the interior. This incorporates a footprint, the poles, and the rainfly.


Packed Size:

4″ x 19″ / 10 x 48cm

Interior Height

40″ / 102cm


86″ / 218cm

Entrance Width

52″ / 132cm

Foot Width

42″ / 107cm


Trail Durability:


You can be confident that this tent will survive a complete thru-hike, albeit with some noticeable wear and tear.

Lifetime Durability


Made from ultralight material to cut on weight, a heavy user will eventually wear out this tent. However, the Big Agnes Warranty gives you numerous possibilities of new life on a single purchase.



Big Agnes sets the industry standard. No headaches returns and an excellent track record of replacing damaged gear makes this tent a smart purchase.


Big Agnes Website:


Amazon Price:


Availability on Amazon can be hit or miss. This item is extremely popular and tends to run out, especially in the Spring.

Thoroughly Field Tested

Camping in the Badlands with the Big Agnes Fly Creek HV Ul2

The Big Agnes Fly Creek Series has a History of Quality


The Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL2 is precisely what an ultralight backpacking should be. My own experience using the Fly Creek line of tents began with the UL1 model. Nearly identical, it’s smaller and lighter but is made from the same materials and exemplifies the same quality as the two-person model.

Extreme situations this tent has been tested in include snowstorms, thunderstorms, and even 50+ mph winds. No weather event has ever rendered the Fly Creek unusable. If you are planning to take on the WWT, this tent would be an excellent choice.


The Two Person Fly Creek Tent 


Using the Fly Creek HV UL2 is a great experience. It has enough room for two people to sleep comfortably, it is lightweight, and it holds up to the demands of the backcountry.


  • Can Two People be Comfortable? 



I am 5’10” and shared this tent for weeks on end with someone who was 5’3″.  Each of us had ample room to stretch our legs and fall asleep inside mummy bags. I had 3-4 inches to spare but if you are an extra tall person, I would recommend trying out the tent before purchasing it.


  • Room for Gear With Two People 


Offering only 8 square feet of vestibule space, making gear for two people fit is a challenge, but not impossible. We found the best method was to stack both packs vertically and align them horizontally under the fly, with our hiking shoes beneath.

This method worked to keep our gear dry through thunderstorms and snowstorms alike.

Using the Big Agnes Fly Creek HV Ul2 in Parque Patagonia

How Waterproof is the Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL2?


This tent performs admirably through even the heaviest precipitation. I use a down sleeping bag and I cannot afford to get it wet.


  • Waterproofness concerns. 


The rainfly is made of Nylon with 1200mm waterproof polyurethane that will hold out 99% of the water. During the heaviest rains, I have felt a slight mist coming from the fly as raindrops exert maximum force. But the mist is easily ignored, and never amounts to enough liquid to make me worried.

If I do lean against the interior wall, my sleeping bag can get quite wet. I had to learn to stay aware of my sleeping position in the wettest conditions.


  • Overall, the tent is waterproof. 


Having a learning curve with how to sleep and dealing with a mist once in a blue moon is a worthy tradeoff. The weight saved by using this model more than makes up for these two minor inconveniences.


How Lightweight is the Tent?


  • My typical pack weight is 2lb 3oz.


I leave the stuff sacks at home and use the shoelace-like cord, included with the tent, to tie it into a roll. I do bring the included stakes, total weight for them is 4oz.

The tent is so lightweight that I still use it for my solo, multi-day backpacking treks. The large interior space is a luxury in the backcountry and you will hear no complaints about it from me.


 Ease of Setup and Teardown


  • Each process shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.


Big Agnes only uses one pole as the skeleton of the structure. It incorporates a hub and branches into three distinct legs. The pole snaps together at lightning speed and bending it to fit the floor is simple to do, even with one person.

I have successfully taken the tent down in the pouring rain and subfreezing temperatures. Both times it took nearly the same time as it does on warm, sunny days.

Big Agnes is a Trustworthy Outdoor Brand

I want to preface this section by saying I was not paid to write it.

Over the years, my experience with Big Agnes, as a company, has always been extraordinarily delightful. Their customer service is outstanding and their warranty is among the best in the outdoor industry.


1.) Sleeping Pad Return


While I was hiking the Appalachian Trail (as a my Big Agnes inflatable sleeping pad sprung a leak. When I called Big Agnes, they were exceedingly friendly, and helpful. Based on a singular phone conversation, they sent me a brand new sleeping pad which I picked up in the next trail town.


2.) Tent Interior Replacement


When traveling to Patagonia for a 4-month backpacking trip, I invested in the Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL 1 Tent.

It held up remarkably well, being flattened countless times by the unceasing winds down at the “end of the world”.

Upon my return, the tent’s bug lining was ripping near the zipper and the floor had some holes in it from camping on top of rocks. I called Big Agnes to inquire about repair options and they told me to mail the interior to them and they would replace it. The damages fell under the warranty and I received a brand new inner tent in a matter of weeks.


3.) Entire Tent Replacement


Most recently, I upgraded to the Flycreek UL2. This model accompanied me to Everest Base Camp, the Mae Hong Son Loop, New Zealand, and countless camping and hiking trips inside the United States.

The rain fly was tattered and the zippers were falling off. I called Big Agnes to ask about warranty options and once again, they were a joy to talk to. The model I owned was old and no replacements were available. Instead, the representative told me to mail the whole tent to them and they would replace it with the newest model, at no charge.

If you are looking for a gear company that stands by their products and values their customers, look no further than Big Agnes.

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