Backcountry Skiing Bogus Basin

Bogus Basin is the closest ski resort to the city of Boise, ID. Less than 40 minutes from downtown, the mountain provides impressive runs and a large amount of backcountry access. When the snow falls hard, there is plenty of powder to cover the boulder-covered hills. For skiers seeking an alternative to chairlifts and groomed runs, Bogus Basin has it.

One of the best and cost-effective methods to climb a mountain in the winter time is with snowshoes. The goal of this particular trip was to climb Mores Mountain and ski down her south-facing slopes. This line features fewer trees and wide open slopes that are perfect for carving.

Getting to Mores Mountain

Mores Mountain, Idaho
Reds And Blues Mark The More Extreme The Slope Angles

The popularity of Bogus Basin makes it the perfect launching pad for a backcountry adventure. Mores Peak overlooks the backside of the ski area, making it close in proximity to the parking lot.  Its prime location coupled with local popularity means meeting other backcountry ski advocates is easy to do.


  • Park At Top Parking Lot

Follow the road to Bogus Basin all the way to the top of the mountain. There is a large parking lot and a lodge here. It is also the closest point to Mores Mountain if you want to ski to it.

  • Ski To Superior Lift

From the top parking lot, there is a single run all the way to Superior Lift. We were carrying snowshoes in our backpacks and wanted to avoid taking a lift. Superior Lift is at the base of Mores Mountain.

  • Follow The Alpine Track Up

About 15 feet down and behind the lift is a Cat Track that Nordic skiers use to climb into the backcountry. It’s an easy enough drop through the snow onto it. We decided to climb up the hill directly behind the lift to cut off some mileage. We reached the alpine track at a higher elevation and followed it up.

  • Go Forth Into The Powder

Where the Cat Track evens out and stops its ascent is where the real climb begins. Fresh powder makes skis or snowshoes a must for getting to the summit. Follow the ridgeline up in elevation until it peaks out. It is somewhat popular and we saw a few groups of people making the climb as well.

Skiing The Bogus Basin Backcountry

backcountry bogus basin

At 7147ft, Mores Mountain looks over Schafer Butte and the groomed trails of Bogus Basin. To the east, the mountains roll seemingly endlessly. On a clear day, the Sawtooth Mountains rear out of the horizon, their dark grey peaks sticking out over the sea of snow-covered pinnacles.

The line we skied down glides over a ridge as it drops over 1200ft in elevation. The descent begins atop a serious boulder field and winds its way through sparsely forested hillsides. We enjoyed making wide turns and having untrammeled snow in front of us.

At the bottom of the run is the good ‘ol Nordic Track. We skied down it about 100 feet to where we could see Superior Lift. A quick little scramble through deep snow put us at the chair lift again.

You don’t have to go far to enjoy backcountry skiing. Bogus Basin provides serious terrain for every skill level. Mores Mountain is an excellent backcountry trip that will satisfy any powder addict.

Elevation Profile Of The Ascent

Backcountry Skiing Bogus Basin

Max Elevation: 7224

Total Elevation Gain: 1240 Feet

Total Miles Walked: 1.33 Miles

Top Speed: 17.6 MPH

Elevation Profile Of The Descent

Backcountry Skiing Idaho

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