Ten Lake Scenic Area

Hiking The Pacific Northwest Trail

Pacific Northwest Trail The Pacific Northwest Trail is the newest National Scenic Trail in the country. Originally designed in the 1970’s, it was only in 2009 that it became a federally recognized walking path. The section of trail that I hiked was from Upper Priest Lake in Idaho’s Panhandle, all the way to Waterton Lake […]

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Backpacking the Owyhee Desert

Learn How To Train For a Thru-Hike

Have you decided to take on a long distance backpacking trail? Training for a thru-hike has unique demands, different from other outdoor ventures. Understanding what you will be facing and then creating a personalized workout plan will be explained to you in this article. Trust me, I’ve been there before and I will help you […]

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Teton crest trail

How to Save Money to Travel

Saving Money for Your Next Adventure   “Finding the money” is the eternal struggle all adventurers, wanderers, and travel-minded people. In order to live a lifestyle free from the constraints of traditional economic forces, it’s almost ironic how important money becomes. In this post, my goal is to walk you through ideas aimed at increasing […]

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Caltopo dropdown menu

How To Use CalTopo To Plan Your Next Hike

How To Use CalTopo To Plan Your Next Hike Where do you get your hiking maps? If you haven’t heard of CalTopo, it’s time you did. Caltopo is a free, open source, easy to use software that makes building custom tracks simple. You can customize the base layer, allowing for an easy to read interface. […]

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Choose bitcoin for your business

Business Benefits of Accepting Cryptocurrency

As a business owner, the idea of cryptocurrency might be a foreign concept but it’s not one you should be afraid of. Rapidly advancing into the mainstream, accepting this new digital currency will prove to be a lucrative opportunity.   Diversify Your Income Streams   Cryptocurrency is not here to replace your cash flow. Instead, […]

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