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The Innawoods PIll

The Innawoods Pill

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wild west trail

The Wild West Trail connects the most intact temperate ecosystem on the planet. At over 2,200 miles long it traverses the heart of the North American Continent. The genesis of the hike is in Jarbidge Nevada, from there the arduous journey shoots northward to the Canadian Border. Turning east, it turns south inside Glacier National Park and the eastern terminus is Jackson pass, in the Teton Mountains.

Idaho Centennial Trail

Making the heart and the westward leg of the hike is the Idaho Centennial Trail. This true wilderness experience is the least hiked long-distance trail in America (besides the Wild West Trail). Traversing the largest wilderness areas south of Alaska, Idaho is a place of solitude and immense natural beauty. Over 3 million square miles are devoid of roads which makes this hike only for the crazy few.